Get Out There

Get Out There

T-0 days until I miss Italy

Czech word of the day:
jít//to go

Italy: Not only was this an incredible trip, but it was empowering. I was my first official “solo” trip. Leading up to the trip I was excited, but feelings of nervousness also slipped in. I would have no one to spend time with, refer to for a second opinion, and there would only be my slightly directionally challenged brain, not two, to figure out directions. But hey, I somehow made it without getting myself terribly lost in the winding streets of Rome. Despite nerves going into the weekend, it couldn’t have been any better. The Lord blessed the trip with amazing weather and great new friends!

I spent a day in Rome by myself exploring all the sites the city has to offer. (Definitely recommend going if you ever get the chance!) It was fun—just me and my Jesus wandering the ancient streets of the beautiful city. After spending the majority of my study abroad constantly surrounded by people it was a change of pace to be surrounded by, well strangers for a day and to be hanging with just Jesus. It was refreshing and much needed quality time with JC. That evening I hopped on a bus with the group I was with and headed into Sorrento where we stayed on the Amalfi Coast. We were all exhausted when we arrived and went right to bed. The next morning we all officially met and headed off on a weekend full of sunshine, laughter, and new adventures!

I don’t consider myself a total “beach girl” but when you mix the mountains and the sea….man how beautiful it is!! If I ever doubted God’s artistry there was no way to deny it while staring up at the mountains along the coast and seeing the vast expanse of the waters in the other direction. That weekend shaped up to be one of my favorite weekends and Italy one of my favorite places.

When I was thinking about planning the trip I was trying to find someone to come with me so I wouldn’t go alone and would have at least one friend that I knew, but looking back on it God used that weekend to help me grow in my faith and security in Him. If you know me well you know I struggle in my walk with Christ in trusting Him and relying on His strength within me to step out of my comfort zone and to take risks. I often find myself being the reason I miss out on life; I’m the one holding myself back from the adventures the Lord has planned simply because of fear. This weekend made me question why I tend to do that. When I relied on God and leaned into Him for guidance and comfort I had an incredibly adventurous weekend packed with new experiences (like trying clams and mussels for the first time!), great conversations with new friends, and growth. When I chose to question myself and why I let fear stop me, it challenged me to simply go for it—to try something new, and to fully rely on God. I don’t want to keep holding myself back from whatever God has in store. Yeah, the future can be scary—but we can’t let ourselves forget who holds our future in the palm of His hands.


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