Amidst It All

T-5 days until this jet-setter puts her feet back in the air

Czech word of the day:

It’s been foggy here for a couple days now and I can’t help but see the relevancy fog has to life, especially right now. You see, fog is foggy (obviously). But seriously, it makes everything blurry, it leaves a mist of water droplets on your car, and it limits your ability to see. Yet, despite the fog there is one thing that allows you to see beyond a few inches in front of you—light. As I was driving back from church this evening I decided to slow down and turn off my lights for a moment just so see what it was like, and let me tell you I couldn’t see anything. Not one thing. It was dark and it was fuzzy.

You see, it’s like our relationship with God. The Bible tells us that He is the light of the world. Without God in our lives we are literally stumbling through this dark sinful world. Now when we add in our human flesh and our desire to have control and be “independent” it starts to get foggy. But wow, amidst our world we can find light—in Christ. Amidst our human flesh we can find clarity—in Christ. As we drive down the road in the dark surrounded by fog we must rely on light. As we journey through this life surrounded by turmoil and unrest in the world and blinded by our human desires—we must rely on The Light.

For me, it’s always intriguing to see all the ways God can teach us different lessons, or simply remind us of something He already taught us but we failed to put into action. As I prepare to leave at the end of the week there are a variety of emotions and thoughts running through me. It can be overwhelming and exciting all at the same time. But it is what it is: I am about to leave for about 5 months, go to a country I’ve never been to, do something I’ve never done, and I don’t know anyone. Whaaaaaaat?!?

But let’s be real. That’s exciting. It makes me restless to leave when I think about it. And it’s not a bad thing.

So let’s bring it back to the fog. I could try and fumble my way through this adventure, or I could lay down my pride and desire to figure it out and let God’s light illuminate my next steps. Following God isn’t always easy. (**correction: it’s rarely easy) But I have found it is always worth it. You see, even with the light we still can’t see very far ahead of us, it’s often just enough to take the next step. So let’s do this.

Here’s to following where God’s light leads and simply taking the next step.


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